The quintessential chef’s knife 2018.

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From the makers of the Japanese samurai swords.

Jonnie Boer & Ryusen Hamono

Just as Jonnie Boer represents excellent cuisine, Ryusen Hamono guarantees superior cutting properties. A cooperation at the highest level with a single purpose, to create the ultimate chef’s knife. A unique chef’s knife of the finest Japanese Damascus steel, finely sharpened.


“For a chef and his kitchen brigade the knife is the most critical tool in the kitchen. In the search of our own ultimate chef’s knife I was introduced to the knife makers of Ryusen Hamono. Sturdy, robust and keen, properties that come together in my chef’s knife, entirely handcrafted by artisans.” – Jonnie Boer

The Jonnie Boer Chef’s knife, handcrafted by Ryusen Hamono.

Handcrafted. More than 60 steps involved from forging and casting to honing, finishing and polishing. Goal: achieving maximum precision and paramount quality.

Ryusen Hamono • handcrafted • trade • family owned company • quality • exceptional

Ryusen Hamono

Ryusen has been forging chef’s knives since 1953 according to traditional methods dating back to more than 700 years ago, in the Echizen region of Japan. Knowledge acquired in the last 700 year, is used in complete harmony with current state of the art technology, resulting in the creation of true masterpieces. Each and every chef’s knife is handcrafted by artisans. The knowledge Ryusen has gained in the past with the forging of samurai swords can be found in the details of the Jonnie Boer chef’s knife.

Each Jonnie Boer knife has a unique Damascus steel profile of 33 layers, determined by the knife’s maker. The outer layers are made of a softer stainless steel. These layers offer resistance against oxidation and provide a small measure of flexibility. This layer is hammered by hand and polished to a high luster finish which contributes to its own identity.

The lacquering technique of the walnut wooden handle takes three days and can only be performed by two artisans at Ryusen Hamono.

Ryusen Hamono has a wide variety of knives in its assortment, aside from the special chef’s knives that have been created in collaboration with Jonnie Boer. Ryusen Hamono is bringing its knives to The Netherlands! Curious? Visit the website for more information: Ryusen Hamono Nederland

Also available: the perfect steak knife.


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